Myths about Russian girls

What do foreigners think of Russian girls?
Foreigners think that a Russian girl looks like a top model and dreams of climbing into his pants to… take his wallet and spend all his money.
A tall, slender blonde with blue eyes wearing a short red dress and stiletto shoes. I am 158 cm tall and have dark hair: privet, I am from Spain, hola que tal? People often write to me in the comments under the video: if you’re from Russia, why don’t you look like a Russian? I can imagine how surprised they would be to see my friend from Yakutia.

Bear: What’s your name?
Me: Shtuki.
Bear: Natasha, nice to meet you! I am Nick
Me: I’m Shtuky.
Medved: Natasha, what’s your phone number?
Despite the fact that in Russia right now the most popular female name is Sophia. And the name Natalya is becoming more and more rare. But foreigners think that if you’re Russian, you’re still Natasha.
It came from the Eastern Regions, where the word “Natasha” has become a nickname and refers to a beautiful hot Slavic girl who doesn’t mind having a holiday romance. Often Slavic girls behave more loosely on vacation in Turkey, Egypt and the Arab Emirates, and they were often called Natasha, because earlier in Russia, this name was very popular. That’s how this myth has taken hold.
Foreigners are convinced that Russian girls are the most beautiful and very feminine. They imagine a Russian wife as a princess from a fairy tale, who will follow her husband to the edge of the world, who will be timid, obedient, and a housewife. Let foreigners test this myth for themselves; let’s not disappoint anyone (wink).
Foreigners also think that a Russian girl is expensive. You have to be a gentleman all the time: take the initiative, pay for her everywhere and do everything for her, open the door, help carry heavy bags. And pay, pay… for everything! As they joke in Russia: “my salary is my money, your salary is our money”.
And foreigners have invented another saying: “If you marry a Russian girl, you marry her whole family”. After all, traditions are strong in Russia, and often a girl has a strong bond with her relatives, people are in close contact or even live together. Would you like to live together with your Russian girlfriend’s parents?
After communicating in real life, foreigners usually describe Russian girls as very attractive, intelligent, and focused on a pronounced gender distribution of roles in a couple between a guy and a girl – where the man is the breadwinner and provider and the girl is a beautiful waster of the family budget. 
What other myths do you know about Russian women?
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