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The war in Israel took me by surprise

I only arrived a year ago. At first I traveled a lot around the country and moved around a lot. And only now I found my first long-term accommodation – cheap, small and very cozy. And without a bomb shelter….. … Continue reading

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Israel: Why is there no railway to Eilat?

I’ve been pondering – why hasn’t Israel capitalized on the highly beneficial opportunity to transport goods from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea by building a railway? Obviously, there’s the Suez Canal. The recent incident with the “Ever Given” … Continue reading

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Interesting phrases in Hebrew

While I was learning Hebrew with Duolingo, I came across a multitude of phrases that made me think, delighted me, or posed certain challenges. I decided to gather them all and share them with you. Perhaps this will be interesting … Continue reading

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Immigration to Israel – Haifa

Haifa is where I learnt what the real Israel is all about! It’s considered a northern port city, located in a mountainous area by the Mediterranean Sea. Living on Adar (the cheapest neighbourhood near the market), shopping at the market … Continue reading

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The First Steps of an Immigrant (New Repatriate) in Israel

Immigration to Israel – Aliyah personal experience Memo to a new immigrant on my experience All materials are compiled from personal experience of recent repatriation to Israel and communication with a large number of similar sufferers of the local bureaucratic … Continue reading

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What not to do in Israel

Israel is a unique country that attracts many tourists with its historical monuments, cultural sites and beautiful beaches. People from different countries also come to live in Israel. Before traveling it is important to know the local laws and customs … Continue reading

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Top 5 Myths about Russian Winter

Now I understand why Russians drink vodka, it’s their way of keeping warm in the terrible cold. And the wife, demanding her husband to buy a fur coat, just wants to survive the harsh winter. Snowdrifts up to her waist … Continue reading

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