Immigration to Israel – Haifa

Haifa is where I learnt what the real Israel is all about! It’s considered a northern port city, located in a mountainous area by the Mediterranean Sea. Living on Adar (the cheapest neighbourhood near the market), shopping at the market at throwaway prices (and get a case of free fruits), walking along the world’s most beautiful sea path (walking along the water’s edge).
Many immigtants choose Haifa when they come to Israel and for good reason:
✅ low prices
✅ beautiful views
✅ sea and beaches
For me Haifa is by nature synonymous with Crimea (a mixture of Alupka and Koktebel), where I had the most delicious shawarma in Israel for only 20 shekels! Also, everything here is so colourful and there is a “metro” to the mountain (Carmelite).

My main pluses of living in Haifa are the beautiful nature, relatively low prices for everything, lots of local entertainment (even free!), creative atmosphere, transport hub (easy to get anywhere).

There are some nuances: when it gets dark in the lower city, it becomes dreadful to walk, as you meet different personalities and companies. In general, Haifa is not the most tidy city, you can easily get into a dog surprise, and rubbish in some back alleys are not cleaned up for years.

But if you weigh the pros and cons, Haifa is a super place to live and see for yourself to experience Israel in all its contradictions. See a separate beach for animals and lose weight while you run through the mountains to the Osher Ad shop for shopping.

Video from Haifa:

What’s your interest in Haifa?
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