The war in Israel took me by surprise

I only arrived a year ago. At first I traveled a lot around the country and moved around a lot. And only now I found my first long-term accommodation – cheap, small and very cozy. And without a bomb shelter….. Who would have thought that a mamad (protected room) in a house would turn out to be so important. New houses in Israel are built with bomb shelters, but some people still live in old apartment buildings or in the inexpensive private sector.

Israel was attacked from Gaza. My first siren also came as a surprise to me. What to do? Where to run? There are recommendations from the home front command on how to behave in such situations, but it is really scary when you are not used to it. I have to say that the next sirens sound every time when you least expect them. I don’t know if you can get used to it over time. On the other hand, in such troubling times, you get very close to your neighbors and better understand the local realities of life.

It may sound strange, but even now I feel safe and secure. I really like living in Israel, it is beautiful and sunny here. The neighbors support each other. Volunteers support the soldiers. There is an atmosphere of kindness and mutual support. I am settling in my new home, I found a beautiful shelf and a lot of useful things on the street absolutely free. There are no markets during the war, but I ferreted out the cheapest (religious) store in the neighborhood.

All in all, life goes on. And I know for sure that everything will be great in Israel! “Am Yisrael hai,” which means “The people of Israel are alive!”

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