What is a hieroglyph?

A hieroglyph (from the Greek word hieroglyphoi – sacred writings, i.e. hieros – sacred and glyph? – carving) – a figurative sign, fully or partially preserved figurative form. It denotes concepts, words, separate syllables and sound combinations. non-letter writing, allegorical lettering, representative image, which replaces letters or letters.

In Russian, the word hieroglyph came from French (hi?roglyphe) and German (hierogliphe).
I liked Dahl’s euphonious definition: “hieroglyph is a non-letter writing, an allegorical drawing, a representative image, which replaces letters or letters.
The most saturated with ancient hieroglyphs is Egypt. It was there that I fell in love with these mysterious signs. In the Valley of the Kings, in the tomb of the pharaohs; in the Karnag temple, on huge columns; even on the streets of small towns, in the most pretentious shop you can find a lot of these beautiful signs (I should note that 50% of used hieroglyphs in souvenirs are fake).
Special place is taken by Chinese-Japanese characters. They are very beautiful and easy to read despite their apparent complexity. As far as I remember, the Japanese character for “to love” has two parts – “woman” and “child”. Just study the base of the language and everything becomes clear.
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