About Pushkin’s nationality. Russian or African?

A question came to our editorial office:
Is it true that Pushkin is not a Russian poet, but an African poet?

Jewish Radio answers:
Pushkin is a Russian poet. In many ways the creator of the modern Russian language.

“Moscow… how much in that sound
For the Russian heart has merged!”

Belonging to a nation is determined by the person himself, it is self-identity in the first place. Pushkin considered himself (rightly) a Russian poet. Nationality is an existential and cultural concept. It is associated with a sense of belonging to a particular group of people who share a common culture, tradition, language and history. And what kind of DNA you have is closer to the concept of race and ancestral genesis, which is not relevant in terms of the cultural code of a person. National identity can be multifaceted and complex – some people can identify with several nationalities or cultures (for example, Russian Jews).

In conclusion, a few words about Pushkin.

It is known that Pushkin had African roots – his great-grandfather Abram Hannibal was a close friend and protégé of Peter I, which influenced the fate of his descendants, including Pushkin. This complex (especially for those times) origins, this duality – reflected in the work and the poet’s perception of himself. However, Pushkin always considered himself primarily a Russian poet, in his works he reflected the Russian culture, history and society of his time. At the same time, some Pushkinologists believe that African descent also played a role in the formation of his creative personality and can be seen in some of his works and correspondence.

Pushkin’s complex origins and his multifaceted national identity are a powerful example of how a person’s cultural and national identity is primarily determined by himself, by his life path. Today, Pushkin’s work is a bridge between different cultures, embodying the power of creativity and universal values.

It is interesting that initially the question of Pushkin’s nationality (and any person’s nationality) appeared after the video:

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