Work in Israel for a new repatriate

Thank you for being interested in life in Israel and the experience of repatriation, asking questions 🥰

I was born, lived and worked in Moscow. My major is soil scientist. I did my PhD thesis on DB and information systems (IT, programming). I worked as a senior researcher at Moscow State University and as a web project manager in business. And for 10 years I’ve been blogging on YouTube, which before monetisation was turned off gave me another $1000/month of passive income. After moving to Israel, I became officially unemployed.

Have you found job in Israel? What was your job before?

As soon as I completed the paperwork, I was contacted by the Centre for Science to help with integration and job search. I had several interviews, discussed with the IT expert of the centre my CV, development experience and sent my education documents for confirmation. I started getting offers from different jobs, but I decided to do a startup (making a game). And I have been working on a unique game project for a few months now. I hope that I will be able to make it commercially successful!

So I have been in Israel for almost a year now, and in that time I have first lived on the immigration “basket”, and now I receive a subsistence allowance (see the Memo for details). Having some savings, this money is enough for a family of two adults, if one learns the Israeli money-saving flyhacks (cheap travelling, markets, discounts; free groceries, haircuts, clothes, furniture, etc.). Thanks to this support, I was able to take my time not looking for a job but travel across Israel to explore the country and choose a place where we would enjoy living.

How are you doing with work? What is your profession? What do you want to do in Israel?

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